This blog is an opportunity for me to share my journey, experiences + challenges I’ve faced over the years + will continue to face in the future.

Over the past ten years I haven’t been true to myself and/or passions- constantly searching for ‘purpose’ and ‘calling’ through a marketing & communications career + naturally not finding it!

However that all changed when living in India in 2015. I had been wanting to transition away from marketing + communications- it didn’t matter if I was working with an alcohol company (the pinnacle of marketing) or a charity trying to beat cancer (feel good factor) it just wasn’t right. To help me discover what I truly wanted to do I completed an exercise from the book “What Colour is Your Parachute?” + came to the conclusion that the following three areas are what make me tick;

  1. Outdoors, sports, exercise BEING ACTIVE
  2. Travel, tourism, geography, culture ADVENTURE
  3. Food, nutrition, health, sustainability FOOD

Realising your true passion can take years + as a friend so accurately told me- 99% of the time is staring you in the face!

In searching how to create a job/life out of the above I came across the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where I studied for a year to become a Health Coach, set up my own business (iN TUNE Wellbeing) + take control of my destiny. I resonated with the course’s holistic approach to health incorporating not only the food we eat but our lifestyle- exercise, relationships, career & spirituality. At the time my mental, physical + emotional health wasn’t great but studying at IIN allowed me to heal myself + discover that I want to help heal others.

As a health coach I am passionate about helping people to be healthy + happy. Nurturing themselves through food, exercise + self-care. Helping them to find their passion & ‘sorting their life out’ along the way. Sharing what I’ve learnt to hopefully empower others.

My ultimate dream is to one day set up an outdoor ‘hub’ in the Canadian rockies where you can practise yoga, hire mountain bikes, do cooking classes, participate in meditation retreats, enjoy long lunches, hear from inspirational speakers + trek/ski the backcountry.
But for now I hope you can learn, share + be inspired either through this blog, website, social media pages (Facebook + Instagram) or working with me through completing a program.


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