I love food, being active + adventure.


I’ve always had an interest in food (mainly eating) and since studying holistic health have a greater appreciation of the effect of nutrition on our health & wellbeing. Eating sustainable, local, organic food is as important to your health as it is the environment. Connecting with our food + where it comes from as well as providing our bodies with the nutrients they need is imperative to a healthy wellbeing. Understanding your body, it’s cravings, deficiencies, reactions, signs + signals are a crucial part of being iN TUNE with yourself.


From a very young age sport has been my life. Whether it’s tennis, cricket, touch, volleyball, frisbee, netball, basketball, squash, skiing, diving, trekking, sailing or paddle boarding I love them all. Naturally I am a highly competitive person & love nothing more than discovering a new sport or learning a new skill. I enjoy walking, trekking & cycling (being my preferred form of transport) + since living in India I have developed an appreciation for yoga. Using your body on a daily if not hourly basis is fundamental to our health + wellbeing now + in the future. Being active + finding a form of exercise that works for you is a great way to be iN TUNE with your body + any aches, pains or tensions you have.


For me the world is full of adventure. I call New Zealand home but throughout the past 10 years I’ve lived/studied/worked in over 10 countries (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Italy, UK, Vietnam, India + Kenya). I love getting an insight into the people, places, food, culture & traditions of the places I have lived. Exploring the world we live in whether it be travelling to foreign cities or discovering your own backyard, motor biking over mountain passes, walking to hidden beaches or having a picnic at the end of the road can be so rewarding + fulfilling. Connecting with others, nature + our environment is a great way to find happiness in the simple things in life + be iN TUNE with your world.


To really enjoy food, being active + adventure you need to be iN TUNE with yourself, your world + your wellbeing. You need to have balance in your life from relationships + spirituality to career + nutrition. I should know given I’ve suffered ‘a ¼ life crisis’, depression, PMDD + dissatisfaction with society. iN TUNE Wellbeing has been created to inspire you to discover what makes you tick, what fuels/fulfils you + what doesn’t serve you. So enjoy the content, get in touch + a.t.b (all the best).