iN TUNE with your wellbeing

Finding balance + harmony in our lives is crucial for our health + happiness. Being iN TUNE with your wellbeing incorporates 6 dimensions- physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental + social. That’s a lot to be iNTUNE with- so where can you start?

  • Be active– find exercise you love + that works for you- if you hate running don’t do it! Go for a walk, swim, paddle-board, bike ride, spin class, yoga/pilates class or play a sport instead- it’s never too late to learn + there’s some pretty fun options out there!
  • Be open– sharing your thoughts + feelings with others is a natural way to help you manage any problems, frustrations or issues you may have. Communicating with friends, family, partner or colleagues is at times challenging but also a simple way to gain support + understanding.
  • Practise spirituality– by seeking meaning whether it be through personal growth, connecting with something bigger than ourselves or taking charge of your health.
  • Learn something new– keeping the brain active + challenging it to learn new things is essential to our health- learn a new game, language, instrument, take a course or do a daily crossword/puzzle.
  • Spring clean your home– life detoxing, decluttering + downgrading can do wonders for your mental + physical health. Clean out your wardrobe, cupboard or pantry of unwanted, unused + unnecessary items. Recycling, reselling or donating where possible.
  • Audit your friends– having relationships that serve you is uplifting + motivating but surrounding yourself with people who don’t align with your values or beliefs can bring you down. Reorientate your lifestyle to those that help you thrive.
  • Get a pet– having a companion who is always there for you + never talks back is sometimes what we need in this complicated world!

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