iN TUNE with your world

Being iNTUNE with nature + the world around you is a simple way to appreciate the little things in life. Taking time out to watch the sunset/rise, feeling the warmth of a fire or the smell of freshly baked bread. How else can you be iN TUNE with your world?

  • Sleep under the stars– go camping, get out + experience the beauty of our galaxy
  • Hunter gather– learn to fish, pick berries or mushrooms or visit a farm + milk a cow
  • Go out in the rain– it’s the most exhilarating thing feeling the drops slowly drench you. Splash in a puddle while you’re at it!
  • Get up early– take in the beauty, stillness + awakening of dawn. Tune in to the sounds, smells + energy of the day coming alive.
  • Get in-sync with the moon– knowing the phases of the moon + the effects it can have on our energy + mood (particularly females) is fascinating.
  • Go for a walk barefoot– feel the sand between your toes, the grass/mud squish at your feet + the energy from the earth as you ground yourself.
  • Make the most of the seasons– appreciated the nuances of nature- new life in Spring, hunkering down in Winter + endless days of winter- collaborate your energy accordingly.
  • Explore– get out + get to know the world around you- your neighbours (both at work + home) your street, suburb, city + country. Try a new cafe, check out a new park, you never know what you might discover!
  • Revisit your personality type– understanding your personality type allows you to understand how you see the world + your preferred way of interacting with it.

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